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Google details the changes more thoroughly on its product forum, so feel free to check that out by following the link below.In the meantime, go grab the update from Google Play.Now that Google Voice is all new and cool, it seems that Google might stick to updating it and improving the experience. In line with that, an update is rolling out today, bringing a few new features for desktop and Android users.According to the changelog, users on both desktop and mobile can delete entire conversations, while Android users specifically can apply a Do Not Disturb function, disable app notifications for text messages, plus archive a conversation quickly with an added shortcut function.Google says more features will appear in the near future, such as a Today View Widget that shows your upcoming events in the Notification Center and on the lock screen.Google Calendar is available for free download in Apple's App Store.You might want to update all records in your table, but for most circumstances, you use a WHERE clause.If they are comfortable discussing those issues with you, it's an opportunity to widen your worldview!

An i OS version of the app has been available for two years, but it was designed to work best on an i Phone, and getting it to run on an i Pad required a bit of fiddling -- and forgiveness.i Pad users will now get a full version, meaning they'll no longer have to make do without some features.

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If you're an i Pad user who depends on Google Calendar to keep your world straight, the web giant has some good news for you.

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